Look Of The Day

Here I am sketched rocking the Kylie Bootie $99  with a peplum skirt looking Oh So Cute!




DIY Eyeshadow Guide



This illustration is great to use as a guide for applying eyeshadow,however blending is the key for an AmaZing look. 


#1 Seller

#1 Seller

Just In….#1 Selling High Neck Top As Seen on TV…Fitted with lots of Stretch……..Sizes S, M, L

How A Vision Board Can Change Your Life



I’m a firm believer in what you dream and envision you can achieve, so I decided to create my first ever Vision Board like discussed in the book/video “The Secret.” I’m a thinking woman whose brain is always going 100 miles an hour even while I’m resting or asleep. There have been times in the past where I put images in my head, spent time meditating on my thoughts while envisioning, drove my car envisioning,  spend time in the shower envisioning, washed dishes envisioning……..the Desires of My Heart.

More than once, I have seen my goals and dreams manifest as a result of this process.

As a 12-year-old kid, I remember my step dad giving me a small book, well too advanced, but it’s principles stuck with me the title is “Psycho Cybernetics.” Psycho Whattttt???? I thought….lol. Little did I know, that small book would stay with me mentally over 25 years impacting my life as it taught me the mind/body connection and the concept of the power of your thoughts, more specifically positive thoughts. At this very moment, I have so much going on with my new e-commerce site, design ideas I need to produce, products that need manufacturing, distributors to locate, a teenage son to raise, 2 patents to file, yada yada yada, so I wanted to have a Vision Board represent the totality of my 2014 Goals. I plan on placing it on my closet door where I will see it a few times a day even unconsciously since our brain leaves imprints of stimuli and collect data even when we are not conscious or aware of what it’s doing.

If you decide to make your own  board, keep in mind you can switch it up by adding or deleting images as You Change, Grow and Evolve. Also, a new  board can be created as often as you like not just once a year. As for me, I’m not a talker but a doer and typically get things done when I put my mind to it and since I have Big Dreams, I’m sure putting them on paper visually can’t hurt. I think it will be exciting to look back a year from now and see how much of an impact putting my desires smack dab in my face on a daily basis can alter my LIFE.

Do you think a Vision board is helpful? Let me know.

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

If You Can’t Beat Em’ Look Amazing


Wanting to do something exciting this weekend on a whim, a friend and I decided to drive 2.5 hours to the Revel Resort Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. I’m not much of a gambler, actually hate losing my money since I’m not a “lucky person” like some. Entering into the beautifully designed Revel, the spot where Beyonce held her concert last year at the Grand Opening, I was ready to hit the slots and strike it rich….lol.


Truth be told, I’m a penny slot machine girl so that’s a stretch …..I had dinner, played a few games, came up $58 at one point and lost it all. Oh well, that’s the risk of gambling, but who cares since it’s all in fun and I did look FaBULouS in a crop style Fire Engine Red Fur and Studded Boots.


Shopping for Trendy Shoes & Boots Just Got Easier with Urban Glam Society

Shopping for Trendy Shoes & Boots Just Got Easier with Urban Glam Society

These babies are Hot!

A Tragedy Led Me To A Super Cute Wig


My wig is cute y’all! After suffering from an AWFULLLL adverse reaction from a bad batch of  perm in December, I am thankful that during my recovery period I was still able to pull it together and look decent ala fake hair. Yup, I don’t wear wigs, weaves, extensions much nowadays (not to say I won’t) but this cute little number was my “go to” while my scalp was healing from 2nd degree burns and while I was scared to death to even put a comb in my hair. Talk about scary! My head felt like it was on FIRE for 5 days straight. I thought it was a typical scalp irritation situation that most experience with a perm at one time or another, but this was on another level.

One day, I spoke to a friend who said “get to the hospital now” because infection may be setting in after all these days of intense pain. I did just that. I was given a shampoo that took 2 days to stop the burning sensation and a steroid ointment. Talk about nervous!!!!!!!!! I didn’t know if I would wake up with hair all on the pillow or what, totally traumatized. Growing up in a salon with my mom, a stylist for over 30years and my sister over 20 years, honeyyyyy believe I had experts on speed dial; by the way they were so unphased and both felt I would be okay. As weeks passed, the many gross sores that were tangled in my hair healed and hair eventually started to grow back in those areas where some strands were lost.

Here we are in late February and lucky for me, my hair didn’t all fall to the ground but I do notice my edges are thinner than they were and like most Black women, they were already my thinnest area, so indeed I’m pissed on a weekly basis that this happened to me and have been using Jamaican Castor Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and the (((BEST))) stuff on the planet for hair breakage ladies Aphogee Hair Treatments. I typically wear short hair styles and will succumb to my annual ritual of cutting my hair when the weather breaks late Spring……meanwhile I’ll just:

Keep Calm




How To Contour Your Makeup Celebrity Style

Makeup Contouring

I LovvvVVvvE make up and when it comes to contouring your face, this illustration is totally on point. The idea is to sculpt with various shades of foundation, blush, concealers, bronzers, illuminators and/ or  highlighters so that when light hits your face, it appears as if your cheekbones are higher, eyes brighter, your nose somewhat chiseled and your complexion glowing.

Contouring Guide

OK, I’m digging in my make up bag (which truly needs to be organized) below are all of the products I currently have and use alllllllll the time:

MAC Match Master Foundation SPF 15 in 7.5 (about to stop using this one, it dries my face out really bad)

MAC Foundation

– Cover Girl Clean Foundation in Tawny….I mix with other color foundations to get a perfect match

Cover Girl

–  NYX Liquid Illuminator in Gleam….I put this on my  cheek bone, it creates that J-Lo dewey shimmery look


–  Ben Nye Luxury Loose Powder in Banana….I found it locally at a costume shop, Celebs go crazy over it

Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder

–  MAC Powder Blush in Blunt Matte

Mac Blunt

–  Nicka K New York Bronzer in Bronze Chocolate….LUV IT, gives you the South Beach tanned and golden look

Nicka K Bronzer

–  Kiss New York  Ultra Cover Stick Foundation in Beige….I only put under and on my eyelid as a concealer


–  MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC45….the BEST… if I had to choose My #1 All Time Fave this would be it, hands down!

MAC Concealer

–  MAC Bronzing Powder in Bronze


I usually stick to what I like and have all used these products for years. I pick and choose which foundation, concealer, and powder to put on depending upon look I’m going for……Ladies, it’s Trial & Error, period! Just because a make up brand is expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best, some of my favorite foundations, lipsticks, shadows, glosses and liners are El Cheapos. If you are not sure about color matching products for your skin (a major headache) that’s okay, just buy make up from drugstores like CVS, Rite Aid, & Walgreens who usually have a return policy with the original receipt.

What are your BEAT FACE Must Haves?

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