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An Apple A Day


Hello, my name is Francine and I am an Apple product junkie. Now that I got that out of my system, I feel so much better. Sitting here at this very moment, I am seriously technologically challenged. I mean it’s pretty sad around here! I’m in need of a new cell phone, laptop and digital / hd video camera. Last week, I spent a dizzying 2 hours in Best Buy with an awesome sales guy, Joe who patiently assisted me despite asking him 500 questions. Let me tell you, that store is fun to walk around touching and wondering what half the stuff on the shelves do, are for or how to even connect them, but it’s also intimidating at the same time.

As I’m window shopping, I’m thinking people must really have some loot in Baltimore. A $13,000.00 refrigerator and a $9,000.00 stove was shocking to see in Best Buy to say the least. I immediately called my friend Jerrell in Atlanta, “Do you knowwwww they have a $13,000.00 fridge and $9,000.00 stove in Best Buy?”

I rehab / rent houses for a living and don’t even think that I would splurge or possibly even suggest that for a client. It’s not that much cooking in the world needed to be done….I’m just saying. Feeling a little more adventurous, I went down an isle, turned the corner and I was scared of the shiny round Sony ball thingie on display that turned out to only be a bluetooth speaker, I think. I had no idea there was so much I needed to automate my life. It’s not a game out here, they even take the simple basic alarm clock to another level that beams the time onto the ceiling so all you have to do is look up after rolling over pissed that it’s 6:00 am.    

At lightning speed, technology has become so advanced and products are rolled out left and right from manufacturers that if you don’t catch up you will be totally in the dark. I surely don’t want t be left behind the 8-ball since every part of our daily lives will include gadgets and gizmos like never before. I don’t want to be like my sister Denise who just got her first smart phone, bless her heart, and have no idea after a month how to truly use it. Mind you she has an iPhone…gasp….I mean like the most advanced thing on the planet and she calls ME from New York City to tell her where the Mega Bus stop is because she is at Penn Station and it departs in about 30 minutes and missing it would ruin her life. What!…. you have an iPhone….google it! After I calmed down, I walked her through pulling up Safari to get online, you will see two boxes at the top, the right is google blah, blah, blah. After my 3 minute tutorial, totally frustrated she yells, “Never mind, I’m walking to the corner and will ask somebody!” then she hung up on me. Wow.

Anyway, this month, I’m launching an ecommerce website and MUST have the tools that will allow me to get things done more efficiently. I’m so neurotic in business that I hate relying on folks so I like to have full control by having my own stuff. First purchase, a new phone. It brings me great sadness that after many years of blissful memories, I’m finally jumping off the Team iPhone ship and will give another brand a shot. I’m feeling somewhat melancholy, but not really though since last night I dug out 3 broken iphones & ipods from my junk drawer either not working, with cracked screens or both.  

I decided to buy the Galaxy S4 Active cell phone, an Apple Mac Book Pro laptop and the Canon Rebel T3i Digital SLR camera that also shoots HD video. I’m super excited just thinking about having my new toys to play with. It’s gonna be pricey but you gotta spend money to make money.

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